The following is a Python script which will parse your .aux files looking for the auto-generated code that corresponds to a \cite command in your LaTeX. It will look for those keys which resemble either an arXiv identifier, or a MathSciNet identifier.

It will then use

to fetch the corresponding BibTeX entries.


There is only one way of using the script, namely by calling

bibgetter file.aux

where file.aux is the auxiliary file created by LaTeX to communicate with bibtex or biber, and which will contain the information corresponding to the \cite commands in your LaTeX file. It is possible to pass multiple files.

The resulting BibTeX code is written to stdout, error messages are written to stderr.


You will need to install arxiv2bib and mr2bib first. For arxiv2bib this is explained in their documentation.

To install mr2bib, clone the repository and run python install.

Then to install bibgetter, clone this repository and run python install.